Pine-Sol Instant Win Game



TWO HUNDRED (200) GRAND PRIZES: Pine-Sol scented candle.
ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE (175) FIRST PRIZES: $25 Visa digital gift code.
EIGHT (8) SECOND PRIZES: $10 Digital Music Download code.
NINE (9) THIRD PRIZES: $5 Digital Music Download code.
SIXTY-THREE (63) FOURTH PRIZES: $5 eGift card.
SIXTY (60) FIFTH PRIZES: $1 Digital Music Download code.
THIRTY THOUSAND (30,000) SIXTH PRIZES: $.75 off coupon to be used towards the purchase of any bottle of Pine-Sol.

Ends June 5th.

Pine-Sol Instant Win Game

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5 thoughts on “Pine-Sol Instant Win Game”

  1. I need a nice new candle. Pick me! I love Pine Sol so I bet the candles are awesome!

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