FREE Children’s Coloring & Activity Books From Coachella Valley Water

You can now get free Children’s Coloring and Activity Books from Coachella Valley Water. You can choose up to 5 copies of any publication you like. Coachella Valley Water offers a wide range of topics to select from, including but not limited to Tutor Tortoise’s guide to Saving Water, How Wastewater Treatment Works, The Desert and Cahuilla Indians, and Tommy and the Canal. 

FREE Kids Printable: My First Book About Bugs (Ages 8-12)

Get your free printable My First Book About Bugs for kids ages 8-12 thanks to Dover. Just click on the blue numbers at the top right to access each page. Right-click and select “Print” to print each page. There are six different educational pages that you can color from the “My First Book About Bugs” book. Bug-themed pages include: Is It a Bug?, What is a Bug?, Earth’s First Bugs, Bug Fossils, Meet a Gribble and Bazillions of Bugs!