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How do you get stuff for free? Good question. There are always companies promoting their products with free samples and goodies. This is a great way to gain business. This blog helps freebie searchers find free samples and products easily. Now you can try all kinds of products before you buy them! We update daily with the best and most reasonable free offers. We wont post anything that looks fake or could be spam. You will only find  totally free stuff here!

We highly recommend that you get a separate e-mail account to use when signing up for free stuff. This way you can keep organized and keep your personal e-mail account for personal e-mail. Yahoo mail will work.

Please only sign up for the free samples that you actually want or are interested in. This helps us freebie hunters to be fair to the companies sending them out. If you really like something that you received, buy it as a way to say thanks. This will also help keep new freebies coming!

Patience is key when waiting for your free samples to arrive. Some freebies will come in less than 2 weeks but some can take all the way up to 12 or more weeks to ship. So don’t get discouraged when you don’t see free stuff arriving in your mail right away. Give it time. They are coming!

If you are giving away free samples of your product and would like to gain exposure, please contact us so we can talk about partnership possibilities. Sweet Free Stuff is a great blog to help promote and get the word out about a product or service.

Freebie Tips:

  • We update ever single day with brand new, 100% real free stuff. You do not have to worry about finding any fake or scam freebies like on a lot of other “free” sites.
  • Click on the text link or picture of the freebie to request the free stuff, product samples and coupons.
  • Old free stuff posts do not get deleted right away, but they eventually get buried deep in the archives. The further you go into the archive, the more expired offers you might find. Quality free stuff and offers that are still valid will reoccur on the front page numerous times. Especially if it is something we know comes and they are still sending it. If an offer that is recently posted expires, we will try and update or delete the post, but we can’t catch them all!
  • If you click on one of the category links, it will take you to a page with just freebies that are part of that specific category. The most recent additions are at the top, just like on the main page.
  • The best way to stay up to date on the newest freebies and samples is to sign up for our daily e-mail updates, follow us on Twitter and visit Sweet Free Stuff frequently. You can also subscribe to our Feed!
  • Many companies have started using Facebook for their promotions as a way to gain more exposure. Many of them will require you to have a Facebook account and possibly “Like” their page, or allow their page to access your profile before you sign up for the free offer or print the coupon. If you use Facebook you can find and “Like” our page here. We don’t post all of our updates through Facebook right now, but it is more used as a fan page or community for our blog. From time to time we will post occasional freebies like short term offers or updates when a promotion is going to begin etc.
  • We are your #1 resource for freebies! Most legitimate free offers can be found right here on this website daily! Be wary of other free stuff websites that link to a lot of spam sites or sites that aren’t really giving away anything free.

Thanks for visiting. Please make Sweet Free Stuff your #1 stop and source for all things free!


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  1. Thank you. I have always loved make up. I am not your average 71 women. Great genes. Hope this works. My granddaughter, I have taught her well. CAN’T BELEIVE what this generation goes with make up. She is 20 and beautiful
    Make up and hair is fun.

  2. I can’t wait to try this. I don’t get free stuff in the mail very often. And when I do,its a book for my daughters.

  3. Is there a way to have coupons mailed to me from freebie websites? I do not have a printer. Would I just ask the company directly? Thanks

    1. I have been trying to understand how to get your offers but I don’t see good directions on how to get them. Am I missing something? I want to get several products but nothing comes up to put my address in. Please Help.. thank you.

  4. Hi could you send me free samples and coupons through my mail i have no printer and love to try The products. Thank u so much.

  5. How can I get daily updates as I deal in kirana merchant I need kirana every item and oil and oil products updates so please let me know

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