FREE Printable Puzzles: Presidents & First Ladies Word Search

Exercise your brain with these free printable U.S. Presidents & First Ladies Word Search puzzles from Dover. There are four puzzles you can print plus the answers, just click on the numbers at the top right to scroll through them. Right-click on the image and “Save image as” to your desktop so you can print them. Word search puzzles that feature U.S. Presidents and First Ladies include: John Adams, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

FREE Dragon Herbs Catalog

We are extremely pleased to present to you our new Dragon Herbs Catalog 5.1. This catalog was a full year in the making and presents a great deal of new information to assist you on your path of glowing health. Not only are our products described with increased detail, but we also provide a concise and deep review of the principles of Chinese health practice, tonic herbalism, life cultivation and our consultation service. Click here to request a catalog.