12 thoughts on “Free Williamsburg Oil Paint Sample Set”

  1. No sample available, this should really be taken down as there is clearly no freebie to be found 🙁

  2. It was on the website in the morning around 11 AM yesterday and then I went on Again late afternoon, Eastern Time ,to send one to a friend and it wasn’t available anymore. It was strange. maybe it was only a limited time…? My friend never Got a set but I did. Hopefully it comes..

  3. I tried also and could not find any place for a free set. I even went into the product line and found a sample for $40.00 but nothing free. This was just sent out so it could not have been used up already. I paint and this would be nice to check out their paints and site.

  4. Where is the link? this goes to the main website and there is no link to get a free set?

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