10 thoughts on “Free Subscription to Glamour Magazine”

  1. Looks like you just answer a few questions about nail polish and you get a free subscription to a magazine…I chose Glamour…I hope it comes in.

  2. love free magazines and always get them when i they offer free subscriptions so do them when you see them cuz you will get them them if you are into free mags n like getting them think how expensive they are if you were having to pay for them. love me free stuff when i can get it!!

  3. I have gotten several magazine subscriptions through rewards gold. I just answer the questions and take a short survey….not to much to ask for free magazines.

  4. It does offer a free subscription after you answer 2 pages of questions. Questions are easy and don’t take long at all.

  5. Doesn’t look like a free magazine subscription, but a “points” program where you earn rewards. Not for me.

    1. You do not have to add a cc or anything. You answer a few questions about nail polish and get your free subscription. Easy peasy…and pretty awesome 🙂

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