7 thoughts on “Free Subscription to Diabetic Living”

  1. Good mag, but be very cautious of what any dietition tells you, who follows ADA guidelines. The ADA guidelines are very lax and should be stricter regarding carbs allowed at each meal. If you hope to improve your health or even reverse diabetes, you cannot follow the allowable 45gr per meal. That many carbs will not help you. You need to cut out as many carbs as you can, which will help you to lose weight, thus cutting insulin resistance, lowering blood pressure and many other positive health factors. Do not take ADA standards as set instone.

  2. NONE AVAILABLE – Also you just put anything in the slots to say you’re a company but you don’t have to be.

    1. would like to get this for my husband just find out he is a diabetic. been try to find out more information on diabetic. because we are new to this. what i have find on diabetic you have to join there club. i am not into that right now thank you for letting me write to you thank you becky bland

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