Free Starbucks Single Beverages In-Store


Many stores have Starbucks Iced Coffee Singles, Espresso Singles or Refreshers Singles for¬†under $2.00. Visit this website and click the “Special Savings” tab on top of the page to get a coupon good for $4.00 off any 2 Starbucks coffee products which will make them free!

Free Starbucks Single Beverages In-Store

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5 thoughts on “Free Starbucks Single Beverages In-Store”

  1. The coupon states it has to be retail value of $4.99 or more. It does state Starbucks coffee products but the singles do not cost $4.99 so it really can only be used on bagged coffee or maybe k-cups.

  2. I tried to use these at Walgreens where they are currently on sale 2/$3. They wouldn’t accept them on any number of bottles because they said it had to be on bagged coffee. Has anyone found somewhere they will be accepted on the ice coffee singles?

  3. I printed 2 of these coupons and tried to use it at Walmart today t o get 4 bottles of Starbucks Iced Coffee which costs $2.78 per bottle. Walmart computer did not accept it and they told me that it should be the bagged coffee – because the graphics on the coupon only showed bagged coffees. I am so mad!!!

  4. thank you so much my sister loves Starbucks and I wanted to make her a basket up for her birthday and this can go into her basket!

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