Free Silver Plated Open Heart Pendant


Free Silver Plated Open Heart Pendant – for new customers only. Free shipping.

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6 thoughts on “Free Silver Plated Open Heart Pendant”

  1. When I clicked the link, i signed up but it won’t let me sign in to check out. I even verified my email. And when I log in another way, the price is back to 11.99.

  2. I also never saw the owl earrings…I wonder if a lot of companies do this just to get your personal info….to the companies that do sell personal information you are putting people at risk by giving god knows who people’s personal info especially if you are female…..they don’t seem to give a crap as long as they make their sale, their whatever at the cost of human lives……..

  3. I don’t trust this company, in May they had an offer for free owl earrings. Well I have never received them, they said 2-3 weeks. And every time I have emailed them all I would get is ” We’re on it”. A bunch of bull, I wouldn’t mess with them!

    1. I have gotten stuff from them in the past, but it was at least a year or two ago now. I don’t think I got my stuff from the last promotion I did with them yet though (I used new email addresses to be a “new” customer… oops!).

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