Free Samples from PINCHme


New samples will be available starting at 12pm ET on Tuesday September 20th.

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Free Samples from PINCHme

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53 thoughts on “Free Samples from PINCHme”

  1. To everyone bitching and complaining, the samples are released on (usually) the 10th of every month AT NOON. Be there refreshing your browser the SECOND it turns noon. It’s rare they just post a small added tid-bit for you, you really have to be up with it.

    However, the people complaining about not getting their stuff, I still have four boxes pending. I’m pretty sure they have a process much like a subscription, where if you sign for the box after a certain date it gets rolled over to the next month or something, and they BEGIN shipping at a certain date.

  2. Products are rarely available even when you check immediately after getting their email. My main issue is the time it takes to get products if you happen to get lucky enough to find one available. Many times you can’t go forward without reviewing the products you have received, but you never receive them in the first place. This is frustrating to say the least.

    1. I stayed on the site for over two hours just refreshing thw samples page. SMH. No samples were even made available for me to claim. SMH. This site there is no guarantee that they will even let you get a chance to claim samples. I have been a member with Pinch me for over a year and had this happen to me 6 times. Plus they post pics of so called offers that only steal your information and end up burning up your phone with telemarketers and fill your email inbox with spam emails. Being sold out for the occasional few samples that your lucky enouph to get to claim. Now they have you pay 3.99 just for 24 hr early access. That still is no guarantee that they will give you availability to samples. Im not paying 3.99 for a few tiny samples that usually take over a month for them to decide that they will get around to sending your samples that you have to to surveys for after you receive them just to stay qualified to possibly be eligible to samples when they make them available to you. Sounds they’re just jerking your mind around.

    2. I agree. The people that tell people to stop complaining are likely the ones that are favored and receive 10+ samples and end up posting their frequent unboxings videos on youtube. No one likes to be mind jerked. My friend goes thru the same b.s. and people know how to set up their profile to get more samples. Even if they dont have a bunch of kids, a variety of pets in there home, say they spend $300+ on products on a lot of the profile surveys. Just the thing, even if you rarely fall under this, you still may not get access. And thats what determines the access. Duh!

  3. I don’t check my pinch me frequently but I checked it last night to get two free samples into my box. All I can say is whenever you have time check that’s what I do and Im able to get something or two here and there. Been with pinch me for about 6 months can’t say anything bad even when everything’s out of stock, it’s free. Everyone wants free samples. There will never be enough samples to satisfy everyone who wants them.

  4. For all of you complaining, please stop. Sometimes you qualify for the samples, and sometimes you don’t. They vary from month to month. If you are that serious about getting them, then figure out what time the samples go live in YOUR time zone, open the PINCHme site a minute or two before they go live, and then refresh at the specific time. It’s really not that difficult. If you wait to get an email, you will probably miss out. Like them on Facebook, and you will get frequent reminders. I’ve missed out on a few months of stuff because I either didn’t qualify or I was too slow. It’s not a big deal though. Be thankful when you get something, and move on when you don’t.

    1. Even when you do all of that and stay loyal to the site and do everything literally possible to boost your possibility. I sappose if i posted videos for them advertising them all over the internet i just, just just might be get to be one of those cute Pinchme box unboxing girls that do videos on YouTube that always get 10+ samples. ?

  5. Missed any samples today due to traveling to a funeral — family is more important, of course. Maybe next time I’ll get something.

  6. I got 3 products but two products were sold out and I was on the website within 3 minutes after receiving my e-mail that there were new samples. It’s great when it works but you have to be really quick.

  7. I’ve been with pinchme now for six months or so. I’ve gotten lots of products from them. It was just this last time that I didn’t get in on time to grab the one and only thing they were offering. It was like 6 minutes after I received the email from them too. That was so disappointing! I guess I cant complain about it to much since I’ve gotten many things in the past. Maybe I will get in on time for the next free bee!

  8. I just go directly to the site a little early and log on. Once it hits 12pm EDT (I live in central time, so 11am for me), I refresh and can usually get something. However, the site can crash and load super slow since everyone is trying to get through.

  9. I agree with everyone that says they are always out of stock! It doesn’t even matter if you respond as soon as you get the Email ! It really is very annoying !

  10. I agree with everyone…I actually work at my computer, but by the time I get the email and go to the site, everything’s sold out! I think in the whole time I’ve been with PinchMe, I’ve received 3, maybe 4 items.

  11. I just opened my e-mail and clicked on the Pinch Me site and low and behold everything I clicked on said “this product is no longer available”. What’s up with that?

    1. It was a good idea, and a fun start but it is not offering anything now and for a while. Sad; I was looking forward to this group.

  12. Waited right until noon yesterday to get my first box…had some samples including a FULL SIZE nail polish. Go to click verify mobile it again, and I got LOCKED OUT of pinchme. Im STILL LOCKED OUT TOO. Of course lost my box as well. Sent an email to customer service, since thats the ONLY way to get my account unlocked, and Ive still yet to receive any reply or have any action done. Beyond frustrating…

  13. I recently got one box, but today, I went into my account and boom, sold out! I wasn’t able to get anything. I have only received one box since I have signed up, but oh well, maybe next time. It’s still a good site for freebies

    1. Molly it will be oh well from now on, got maybe 2 samples when I first signed up over a year ago and NOTHING since. Dosen’t matter how fast you try to be they are ALWAYS out of stock. Hope you have better luck than the MAJORITY of us!

  14. It seems as if you have to be in your email box at the exact moment the email comes in and then quick log in as fast as possible (and I always have to look up the pw) I have actually logged in on time and received some samples and they were good – not full size but not miniature either – if you happen to log in at the exact time the email is distributed and there is a heads up the site will send them – it is very frustrating – I fill out the surveys and all and it does not matter

  15. Sad to say but at least 90% of the time, no matter how quickly I respond, the items are sold out…..very, very disappointing.

  16. Every Tuesday,bright and early I go on the site and they are sold out. Disappointing:(

    1. I agree. I check often and always when I get emails, but all the samples are sold out. I am getting quite discouraged.

    1. new samples are available on Tuesdays. I receive an e-mail each time the free samples arrive on the site & I simply go to the site and request my samples. I have received several different items. Hope this info helps.

      1. I too get email,but I live in a different time zone so by the time I get an email everything is gone.

        1. I’ve had the same problem. I go as soon as the e-mail comes in but the samples are already gone by the time I sign on.

      2. In the beginning, I was able to get several items but since then….NADA! They never have any available. It doesn’t matter when I sign in….always the same thing! Nothing available!

    1. Alison y. I too get the same thing. Guess you have to stalk the site to even have half a chance. I don’t have that kind of time. I’m pretty burnt out with pinch me! Good luck! I myself are DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You don’t have to pay a penny with this website.Just look to see if the product is in stock and if it is you request it.

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