28 thoughts on “FREE Sample of Lipton Iced Tea K-Cup Packs”

  1. Disappointed…..Unable to get my free samples after listening to the video…..recording is in a loop and there is no way to sign up for the free sample

  2. Tried this on my Ipad and laptop. Unsuccessful on both. Very frustrating. Form would not go beyond the address on laptop. No form at all on Ipad.

    1. unable to hit send or finish the request for a free sample. form stops after address

  3. After watching the video several times with no results via my cellphone. I decided to attempt from my personal computer and was able to request the samples after viewing the video. Therefore, I believe it is not available via mobile. Goodluck

    1. I just want to reply to reply to the comment about the free sample it don’t work on the phones but it dose on the computer I got it

  4. Watched the video a couple times…no pop up for free sample. Would’ve been nice to try before buy.

  5. Soooo…someone dropped the ball & totally forgot to add the order form OR was this just a plot to have us all watch a “clip” for Walmart & a new movie w/Kermit in it?

  6. This offer must not be available on mobile. I have watched the frog video on my iPad a hundred times and have yet to see a sample offer window pop up. Any insights or information would be helpful!! Thanks!!

  7. I have watched the video at least 7 times and nothing comes up for a free sample form. I can print the coupon for .75 off and that is it

  8. I lost track of how many times I watched this video and no form to request the sample pops up. Please send to my email

    1. on mine after the video, in the video box, a little box says “Click Here” click it and the screen popped up for me… Best of luck

  9. after the video, another window pops up with a form to fill out to get the free offer

  10. I have watched the videi like 6times and cannot see where to request the sample? Anyone know???

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