9 thoughts on “Free Rubber Toilet Sucker Stand”

  1. The website is fake. Log in with any random email and password and it’ll sign you in with “no orders sent out.”

  2. It made me sigh up like it on FB then that’s it . It didn’t ask for a postal address so how can I receive it . Not happy at all …..

  3. The Rubber Toilet Sucker Stand is not free. you have to pay a dollar. I don’t have a job or a dollar.

  4. Signed up as a new customer, but when i placed the order it made me sign in again. When i went to check out it asked me to like it on Facebook then it said “Sorry this is for new customers only”. Is this how they get Facebook likes.

  5. I ordered a free product from this website almost 4-5 months ago. I never received the item and never received a response when I emailed their customer service. I think they just get you to sign up so they can send you emails.

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