2 thoughts on “Free Rite in the Rain Pocket Notebook (Expired)”

  1. How adorable. I’d love one of these. I could pretend to be a Harriet The Spy like character, writing down all my observations, on the streets- even in the rain, sleet or snow!

  2. Hi all, Jim from Rite in the Rain here.

    We received several thousand sample requests in the last six hours, so unfortunately I had to temporarily pull the plug on our sample campaign.

    All who signed up will receive an email with an exclusive promotional code offer; I hope that is an adequate fig leaf for our inability to possibly fulfill that many samples at this time.  I will also dig through these personally and fulfill samples to individuals who put some genuine effort into their “torture test” ideas for the notebook.

    Here’s a little more information about us should you be interested:

    Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Products defy Mother Nature and Father Time.  Made in America since 1916, our products battle the elements to protect your notes.

    Our durable paper allows you to write through rain, snow, sweat, and grime.  From the soggy rainforests of Washington State to the frigid plains of the Arctic, our products are used by professionals working in extreme conditions around the world.

    Our range of durable, weather-resistant products includes notebooks, writing utensils, copier paper, index cards, binders, planners, covers and more.  Across our entire range of 400+ products, our promise remains consistent: Rite in the Rain products will continue to function through inclement weather.

    If your notes matter, defend them with Rite in the Rain.  

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