Free Redbox DVD Rental

Text PUSH to 727272 to get a code for a free Redbox DVD rental.

Free Redbox DVD Rental

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16 thoughts on “Free Redbox DVD Rental”

  1. It worked for me but I reserved online – codes seem to work better reserving online rather than at an actual box.

  2. Codes works if you reserve thru the mobile app and then pickup at the box. Does not work at the box.

  3. Worked. If you get the one in Fred Meyer (WA), you get another code(email) for a free movie.

  4. It wouldnt allow me to use it. The screen said, only for certain locations, after i entered the promo code…bummer

    1. Mine didn’t work either, said only can be used at certain locations…why give a code that don’t work at ANY location, like it SAYS!!!

  5. you can use it for a blu ray too, not free… but, .32 cents for a bluray is pretty good!, and you can use it online as well to reserve before you go, no need to head out to the kiosk until ya find what ya want to rent!

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