Free Prevail Protective Hygiene Sample Kits!

For a limited time, visit Prevail where they offer Free Women’s or Men’s Prevail Sample Kits! Simply go here and enter your email address and you will get a form on that email you will need to follow in order to score your free sample kit! Don’t miss out on this free sample!

Women’s Sample Kit includes:

  • 1 Very Light Liner – Regular Length
  • 1 Bladder Control Pad, Light Absorbency – Regular Length
  • 1 Bladder Control Pad, Moderate Absorbency- Long Length
  • 1 Bladder Control Pad, Maximum Absorbency- Long Length
  • 1 Women’s Protective Underwear (available in S/M, L, XL)

Men’s Sample Kit Includes:

  • 2 Male Guards
  • 1 Men’s Protective Underwear (available in S/M, L/XL)
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