34 thoughts on “Free Poise Pad Sample Kit”

  1. Got this sample last time it was posted. Good samples, but the best part is the cute bag!

  2. I receive a sample and I love them they are really good quality plus they come with this little bag that you can put it in your purse and nobody will know what is in there is really cute . Thanks for my sample

  3. I’ve used them for my monthly and they don’t come with wings but work better than the ones that do. It actually conforms to your shape and it absorbs 100% better and u don’t have to go through a whole pack each time. At night for sleeping, if it’s heavy, I would use one of those and add a regular one at the end just in case. They always offer coupons online for them and I never have to worry and check myself 100 times a day to make sure I’m leaking. I love em!

  4. love the to sample product before buying it ..its aleays good to no if it worth buying right it nice to have this choice thanks

  5. I only use “always infinity” but It never hurts to try new products , would love to get a sample.

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