20 thoughts on “Free Playtex Sport Pads, Liners and Combo Packs”

  1. I ordered my sample back at the beginning of October and have yet to receive it. I sent them an email and they said to try again but it won’t let me enter my info because my address has “already been used to redeem a sample”. Such a bummer, I was looking forward to sample this product.

  2. I’m very active in my job and I have a heavy flow. So I use a tampon-sport and a pad. This is the only brand I buy and trust!

  3. I got a sample of these a while back and it also comes w/a coupon too. I made the switch to Playtex bc they are definitely more absorbent and the liners are super soft. All in all, the sport packs end up being a pretty good deal, especially w/a coupon bc you get 18 tampons and 14 pads for $5 after you use the $1 off.

  4. Didn’t know if ya’ll knew this but they are having a promotion for playtex where if you buy 2 boxes of playtex there are codes inside and when you enter the codes you get a pretty t-shirt in the mail!! Click on the menu and click on get your t-shirt and you can see what it looks like!

    1. I’m waiting for mine in the mail now. I bought the two sport boxes for $10, and am getting a tshirt too!

  5. I got these tampons samples and it gave me toxic shock do not use these products if you feel dizzy having cold sweats and near fainting or even feel nauseous when using them be careful.

    1. It’s not the brand tampon. It’s staph bacteria that’s introduced into your vajayjay environment that causes TSS. Also,leaving a tampon in longer time allows tss to be introduced. Change tampons more frequently, wash hands before nd after. I’m not saying the lady didn’t wash etc I’m just telling everyone to be careful because TSS is dangerous nd you suffer as I’m sure she can tell you. Like the lady said watch out for symptoms high fever,dizzy etc. Remove tampon asap nd go directly to hospital or your doctor.

    2. Man that’s really messed up .I guess I shouldn’t say that I love these tampons . I have a really heavy flow and these are the first ones that haven’t leaked.

    3. toxic shock is from letting your own blood from your own body sit in your body for way too long, it has absolutely nothing to do with the tampon or the materials in it. It is when you’re old blood is sitting and you way way way too long and poisoning your body

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