Free Oreo Thins


They will be releasing new codes on their Twitter and Instagram through July 9th. Each code is good for the first couple thousand.

Current code: Oreothins3

You can try codes: Oreothins1, Oreothins2, Oreothins4, Oreothins5, Oreothins6, Oreothins7 and Oreothins8 too.

Free Oreo Thins

“Beginning at 12:00 am ET on July 7, 2015 through 11:59 pm ET on July 9, 2015 (the “Program Period”) nine (9) codes (each a “Code”) will be distributed online. Eight (8) of the Codes will each be good for the first one thousand (1,000) people who claim a free pack of Oreo Thins, and one (1) Code will be good for the first two thousand (2,000) people who claim a free pack of Oreo Thins”

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7 thoughts on “Free Oreo Thins”

  1. nothing happened when I put in the code just went to some sort of a site on twitter…nothing more…what a dissappointment..

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