Free Michaels Craft Events

Michaels has some  craft events in December and January:

  • Jan. 21 – Pro Jewelry Making
    • Are you a pro jewelry maker? Come learn about the benefits and deals you can get with partnering with Michaels for your jewelry making needs!
  • Jan. 22 – Woodburned Snowflake
    • Learn how to use wood burning to make a fun and free winter wall art piece.
  • January, 29 from 2-4pm  Sunday Makebreak: Watercolor Cards   Come in-store for a free craft! Make a fun watercolor card just in time for Valentine’s Day!
  • February 5, from 2-4pm Sunday Makebreak: Painted Friendship Rocks    Come in-store for national friendship week and make a painted rock to give to a friend!
  • February 12, from 2-4pm  Sunday Makebreak: Watercolor Heart Frame   Come in-store and make a watercolor heart frame to put a picture of your special someone in!
  • February 19, from 2-4pm Sunday Makebreak: Black Heritage Art    We are celebrating Black History Month with a free event! Come in-store and paint a free painting!
  • February 26, from 2-4pm  Sunday Makebreak: Spring Pastel Paint Pour   Come in-store to learn how to paint pour! Leave with a spring inspired piece, perfect to hang up in your home.
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