66 thoughts on “Free L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Samples”

  1. Got my free samples today. Can’t wait to try this product. Thanks so much

  2. Oh yes!! I definitely need to make a change – please send samples!!!

  3. I always try to find a better shampoo and conditioner then I already use, please send me a sample. I bleach my hair every 6 weeks.

  4. please send me sum samples i love l’oreal but ii would love to try different ones

  5. Why do you people get on here and comment asking for freebies?? Don’t you know this is a freebie search engine website that provides LINKS to you to go apply yourself!

    1. Ty for stating that these ppl dont get nothing commenting on the site they HAVE TO FILL THE FORM OUT

  6. If you highlight the web address just below the picture and open it in a new browser, that will take you to a mini Walmart Survey. No more than a dozen questions. After answering, the sample is sent to you. Says 4-6 weeks for delivery.
    Hope that Helps!

  7. would like some free samples. Please. Thank You. And Garnier and Loriel shampoo and conditioner of both kinds .

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