5 thoughts on “Free Innisfree Green Tea Moisturizing Sample Kit (Expired)”

  1. You have to click on each step of the “walkthrough” to order the sample. I completed it and received an email the offer was only valid until 4/30.

  2. Did it like it said and had an order confirmation email only to later be followed by a ‘this offer expired april 30’ email.

  3. Went through all the steps, and was told that I successfully ordered the freebie. About an hour later, I received an email stating that the freebie ended April 30th and that they will work on not letting this happen in the future. :/

  4. This event was expired on April 30th. And after all the hard work it took to get through. They will send me a coupon although I don’t know where I will use it. Well, it would have been nice.

  5. This is the most difficult website I’ve seen. Registered, but could not get the freebie without an order.

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