Free Gillette TREO Razor Sample

Free Gillette TREO Razor Sample

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11 thoughts on “Free Gillette TREO Razor Sample”

  1. Got these in the mail and they’re AMAZING! Haha I’ve been trying to get my man to shave his face for a little while now and from looking at how cool these are, it worked! He finally shaved and loved them!

  2. I didn’t realize this was for care givers. Although I do this kind of work, I don’t have to shave anyone. I work with people that have developmental disabilities as a job coach. Sometimes they need help getting clothes and toiletries to go to job interviews. This razor can help someone at least until they start working and buy their own.

  3. I’m a caregiver and one of my patients is so hard to shave him because his facial hair is super coarse so I’m excited to try this out

  4. As a caregiver, I appreciate that. Tres cool of you!
    I received this offer in an email yesterday and was thrilled to be able to use something like this!

  5. This sample is supposed to be for caregivers. Let’s let the caregivers have the samples for the people they are taking care of.

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