12 thoughts on “Free Dial Acne Control Face Wash and Body Wash Sample”

  1. Target is about 10 miles from me..but the samples are never available in my area..then again, I just moved back to Ohio from Alabama and never was a sample from Target available there either…

  2. Not avaiilable in my area and I shop at target, its only 13 miles from where I live. Dont make sense to me!

  3. I put in my own and wasn’t availale. Then I put in 29601, which is Greenville, SC. But, then my address had to match the USPS zip Code of which I used 29601. So, you may can get to it by putting in a different zip code, but when you try to submit your own address, it will not work. It’s such a bummer too:(

  4. It says the samples aren’t available in my area. So I put in random zip codes. It said nor available in all those areas too. What’s the point in having a sample advertised if it’s not available in most areas?

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