15 thoughts on “Free Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths Sample”

  1. Thanks so much…. Mine is on the way and I will do a survey on it when I receive the email.

  2. not worth the time..server error keeps coming up. They can keep their Cottonelle wipes. Keeps telling me they need more information.

  3. Having the same issues as everyone else….won’t take my sign in info and I KNOW it’s CORRECT!! plenty of other companies will give free samples without all this hassle…I’ll patronize THOSE companies!! VERY DISAPPOINTED

  4. Tried numerous times and still can’t get the form filled. Something is screwy.

  5. having the same issues as above…once I try to sign it, it tells me incorrect email..not worth all this hassle

  6. Said I already Have an account And yet would not take any password or email. They can keep their wipes and stick them where the sun don’t shine!!!!!

  7. Would love to have the Free Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths Sample Pack

  8. This website is glitching like crazy. I filled out the information at least 7 times and there was an error everytime.

    1. It did the same to me. Kept saying email was used. Never signed up for cottonelle stuff before. I did it with my other email and it did the same thing. Not worth the stress. They can keep their cottonelle.

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