10 thoughts on “Free CeraVe Sample Gift Box”

  1. Haha, ya’ll realize this is sweetfreestuff.com’s comment page right? I don’t believe it is their product. .. maybe thank them for the heads up, next time.

  2. I just hope that when I receive my gift box this time that my samples arrive still in the box unlike before when all I got was an open empty box

  3. Carolyn. As of today 7/30/15 I submitted the form with no problems. Said that my sample was on it’s way.

  4. How long does it actually take for anyone to receive any or all of the samples that they requested? HUH

    1. Some offers will have a time frame. The ones that state a time frame are usually in my mailbox at about the halfway point or later. Even so, in general I’ve received samples anywhere from 2-8 weeks. In rare cases some don’t come at all for some reason.

  5. Thank you in advance for your product sample. I do hope this is the answer to my problem.

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