11 thoughts on “Free Butterfly Body Liners Sample”

    1. Thanks for asking! Butterfly is only available in Target and Walmart stores. You can also purchase Butterfly online. We are a small company and with a big wellness mission and hope to have more stores later this year.

  1. Bowel leaks? For heavens sakes , I’ve never heard of such a thing ….I thought they were panty liners! UntiI I saw the option for a man’s size large!

    1. bowel leaks?! uhm, yes. it does happen just as much as with bladder leaks. just ask those with IBS or CROHNS. or those like me, who have had numerous intestinal surgeries… sad, yes. but true.

      1. Sorry that u r having to need this- but there is NO SHAME. I’m sure u are thankful for ur present health. Chin up:)

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