Free Bottle of Ajax Dish Liquid


Save 100% when you buy any ONE (1) 12.6 oz. bottle of Ajax® Dish Liquid. Expires 5/20/2015.

Free Bottle of Ajax Dish Liquid

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14 thoughts on “Free Bottle of Ajax Dish Liquid”

  1. I’d clean my dishes for free, i hope, i hope. I thank you &so family.

    1. This is through the Saving Star app that you have to have on an iPhone or iPad. There is no form. Saving Star & Ibotta are great ways to save money on groceries and other things if you can download the app.

      1. I’m sorry I think you can have just a smartphone too. Not sure on that but look up both and see what you find.

  2. I would love to be able to try a free bottle of Ajax Dish Liquid out. But I guess I will have to wait and see if it happens.

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