10 thoughts on “Free Boss The Scent Men’s Fragrance Sample”

  1. Received the sample. It was a smell strip. My husband loved the scent. Now I’m looking to see who sells it so I can make a purchase of it for him for our anniversary on the 14th.

  2. It will not let me put my city in so therefore it will not let me submit my request for the free sample

  3. After moments of struggling I successfully completed the application. I AM looking forward to the sample. (FINGERS CROSSED )

  4. I filled out the form and had the same issue with the city field. I kept playing around with it and was finally able to get the city in. Looking forward to the product.

  5. I would like to try it and see if my partner would like it but it won’t let me submit and won’t let me put the city and can’t email cuz won’t let me put birth date…. I bet the smell is amazing..

    1. Depends on the guy, my girlfriend buys me hats instead of cologne because my natural man-musk is very attractive to females, but this stuff does smell good which is why I like to rub it all over my bare chest. I buy my girlfriend Zum soap, that stuff will make any girl happy.

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