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  1. I made an error in my post. There isn’t anything in the M-Perks account for Free Milk from Fairlife.

  2. On your site was an offer to go to Meijer M-Perks, sign in and click on Free Fairlife milk. There isn’t there that is “free” under Dairy, only 50 cents off a half gallon. Can you help?

  3. LOOKING FOR A TASTY AND HEALTHY SNACK? EXCHANGE YOUR SNACK FREE! Trade in your snack for SuperSeedz gourmet pumpkin seeds! They are gluten free, peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, dairy free, fish free, shellfish free and (mostly) soy free. Fill out the online form to trade in your old snack for A FREE PACKAGE OF SUPERSEEDZ (while supplies last).

  4. Love this site!
    Not sure where to send it, but you can get a free sample box (8 samples!) of Helia-D if you like Helia-D Cosmetics USA on Facebook ,and send them a private message through facebook with your Name & Address.
    I just got mine, and it comes in a cute box.

    1. I need so much help this year. My husband was diagnosed with ALS and we are in desperation of so many things. Any and aLL help would be so greatfull. We need to find new housing, help with food , gifts, a car. You name it, we need it. Thank You so much. Roberta

  5. Hello, I am a huge fan of the site and I follow it on everything. If I may suggest going back to your old in my opinion it was way better than the new one or switch it up again. It’s rather large and doesn’t fit my browsers right and seems a bit sloppy. Still a wonderful site tho, it would be much much better if it was easier to see and navigate through! Hope all is well!

  6. just signed up for……..I choose the domino $5 gift card and got nothing but error message,to contact customer service…….i tried again,and said already been redeemed????????????
    what’s up with that?????????? Thanx JZ

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