Cap’N Crunch’s 60th Birthday Collection

Enter the Cap’n Crunch 60th Birthday Collection for your chance to win from dozens of prizes!

Prizes include:

  • (1,900) Pantone Matched Athletic Socks 
  • (805) Reversible Cotton Bucket Hat 
  • (700) Premium Glass Candle with Custom Scent* 
  • (205) Classic Pullover Sweatshirt* 
  • (320) Custom Classic Varsity Jacket* 
  • (80) $50 Cash** 
  • (80) Custom G-SHOCK Watch (model GA7000BWP-2a)* 
  • (80) Polaroid Go Instant Camera* 
  • (15) Beach Cruiser-style Bike with custom graphic wrap, colored grips and tires* 
  • (17) $100 Cash** 
  • (8) $500 Cash** 
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